Endless Wait For Teacher Aspirants Under Chandrababu  

YSRCP President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy - Sakshi Post

S. Boorjavalasa, Vizianagaram district: Donkanda Srinivasa Rao, a congenitally deaf-mute individual, proved that affection needs no language to express itself. He showed me an album filled with pictures of my father, the late Dr. Rajasekhara Reddy, who ensured that all such categories of people who were eligible for pensions got them on time every month.

He developed tremendous love, regard and affection for my father and from the time of his untimely demise began collecting clippings of news items about him.

He made an album which he showed to my sister, Sharmila on her Padayatra, as well. My father gave a fresh lease of life to several individuals through getting cochlear implants done. Srinivasa Rao collected clippings of these items. I felt immense satisfaction and happiness at meeting him along with his family members today. How fortunate one is to come across such people with abiding, genuine affection!

Today villagers from Tademdoravalasa, Kuntinavalasa, Marrivalasa, Kothavalasa, Boorjavalasa and other nearby places came and met me. One does not know where the suffix ‘valasa’ (migration) came from, but it is somehow coming true. These villages are full of the poorest of the poor, who are mostly homeless and landless. They do not get work to earn their livelihood in the fields either. Even if they work during drought conditions, they have not been paid for an year! How do these poor survive? Migration is often the only option left for them. Though they are deeply attached to their villages, they are forced to travel to distant towns and cities in far-off states in search of work. Many of them lead a life of abject misery there.

7 migrant labourers from K. Krishnapuram here died in a building collapse in Chennai. People from this village met me and told me that things have not changed at all. The situation has to change. People should not be forced to migrate to other places in search of livelihood. My resolve to bring about this change got strengthened even more today. Farmers from Mentada and Dattirajeru mandals met me today and expressed their anger at the government’s neglect of all irrigation-related work, be they small canals or other minor repairs. The TDP government had brought about desertification of green areas, they complained. Under such compelling circumstances, many farmers became daily wage labourers, they lamented. This situation pained me greatly. Unemployed youth, awaiting teachers’ jobs met me today. The government keeps promising to conduct DSE exams and keeps lakhs of unemployed youths waiting and hoping, they complained. They pointed out that it was only the coaching centres which benefited from the government’s policies.

I have question for the chief minister—TET exams are conducted repeatedly, while DSE exams are announced only to be postponed time and again. Is this not being done so that coaching centres derive benefit from such moves?

While there are 30,000 vacancies of teachers’ jobs, you had announced that 22,000 would be filled, slashed this figure down to 14,300 and later to 12,370 and then to 10,351 and finally to 6,100! Is this not rank deception like the Yuvanestham program for unemployed youth?

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