Why Have Agrigold Assets Been Deliberately Undervalued Chandrababu?   

YSR Congress party Chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy - Sakshi Post

Jonnavalasa Cross, Vizianagaram district: Today, my Padayatra began in Jami mandal of Gajapathi Nagar constituency, and passing through Padmanabha mandal of Visakhapatnam District, entered Vizianagaram district. It was clear that though the districts were different, as were the constituencies, the problems which people faced on a day-to-day basis, were essentially the same.

Narayana Rao runs a small cycle shop. Ten years ago when he was stricken with heart disease, he could gain access to excellent corporate healthcare without having to spend a paisa from his pocket, thanks to Arogyasri.  He expressed his gratitude to my father saying that it was because of him that he could get a fresh lease of life. Similarly, he told me with pride that his son could complete his B.Tech because of my father’s fee reimbursement scheme and that he was employed with the government now.  It gave me immense joy to learn that not a day passed when they did not remember my father with gratitude.

There is some inexplicable, mysterious connection between Chandrababu Naidu and cooperative sugar mills. Each time he comes to power, they face the threat of closure.  They are then palmed off to his proxies for a song. Workers of Bhima Singhi Sugar Factory reminded me of this sad reality which grips their lives.

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15 years ago when Chandrababu Naidu was in power, this factory was shut down. When my father visited these parts during the course of his Padayatra, workers of the factory met him and described their problems to him. As soon as my father came to power, he ensured that the factory was reopened. Thanks to Chandrababu, this factory is in doldrums again. Workers pleaded with me to ensure that the factory was up and running and gave me an application seeking its revival.

Members of the Viswa Brahmin community met me and told me of the harassment they faced at the hands of police. The government, on its part, had utter disregard for them, they said. My resolve to help this community, which was being crushed under corporate might and government neglect, got strengthened even more.

Vizianagaram is a district which produced many stalwarts in the field of literature, fine arts and culture.  It is a cradle of leaders, writers, singers and poets, among others. Korukonda Sainik School located in this district has sent many of its alumni over the years to the three wings of the armed forces and have distinguished themselves in other fields, as well.

Perhaps, the highest number of Agrigold victims are to be found in north Andhra and a third of the entire number in the state are to be found in Vizianagaram district alone. Some of them met me today and narrated their troubles to me saying that there was a big divide between the words and actions of the ruling party leaders. They said that they were now beginning to sense that they were being deceived, rather than their problems getting resolved. They expressed their anguish saying that more than seeking to do justice to them, the leaders appeared to have an eye on the assets of the company.

I have a question for the chief minister—you had said that you would help the victims of Agrigold at the time of elections. Have you taken at least one step in this regard?  Isn’t it true that not only have you not helped the victims, but the properties of the firm have been deliberately undervalued, that some assets are exempt from being auctioned and that others are already being passed into the hands of proxies?  What is the motive behind holding secret talks with a company which wants to acquire the remaining assets?

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