YS Jagan Promises Revival Of Sugar Units Across Vizag Dt

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Leader of Opposition in Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly and YSR Congress Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy today addressed a massive gathering at Chodavaram constituency in Visakhapatnam district, as part of his historic walkathon, Praja Sankalpa Yatra. The people's leader thanked the public for their love and affection.

YS Jagan said that the local public were complaining about the lack of progress in the district, although 12 Telugu Desam Party (TDP) MLAs were voted to power, in addition to the two YSRCP MLAs who defected to the TDP. The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leaders exploited all the resources like sand, cement, alcohol, electricity and coal in the district, he said.

Adding that over 135 acres of government lands worth 54 crores were occupied by the ruling party leaders, YS Jagan said that the local MLA tried to occupy 400 acres of land by showing fake documents. In Thotakurapalem, the TDP leaders are encouraging illegal mining of granite, while in Dondapudi and Veeravalli, the local TDP MLA is allowing the excessive mining by accepting bribes, he added.

In the rivers in Narsapuram, Lakshmipuram, Pedapudi and Mediwada Villages, the TDP leaders collected Rs 36 crores by producing fake bills in the name of Neeru-Chettu program, he said. Bashing Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu for encouraging corrupt practices, YS Jagan said that Durga Prasad from Kandipally, who is physically handicapped, and polio victim Asha from the constituency had to fight in the Court to get the pension, he observed. After physically handicapped persons from Buchayyapet, Shobha Naidu and Sreenu tried to commit suicide, they were offered the pension, he said.

In 2003, when Chandrababu was in power, the Chodavaram sugar factory went into Rs 45 crore losses, but late Chief Minister Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy saved the factory from closing down, and brought it into a profit zone of Rs 45 crore. Workers in the factories were given bonuses and incentives during Rajanna Rajyam, he said. While a ton of molasses cost Rs 6,000 in the market, farmers in the State were being given just Rs 2,700 in the last four years, pushing the unit into a loss of Rs 20 crore, he added.

"Jagan Ane Nenu ... promise that after YSRCP comes to power, all the sugar factories under the co-operative societies in the district will be re-opened," he said. He added that the State government was providing a support price of just Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,000 per ton of jaggery, while the Chandrababu-owned Heritage Foods was selling jaggery at the rate of Rs 8,400 per ton.

Dr YSR was instrumental in building 85,000 houses in this constituency and carrying out the reservoir canal's modernization works at an expense of Rs 48,000 crore, the YSRCP Chief said. Adding that the TDP's failure in taking up the Narsipatnam-Bheemili road widening works were causing severe troubles to the commuters, he observed that several areas in Chodavaram town and 25 nearby Villages were suffering due to lack of drinking water.

The Leader of Opposition criticized the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) government for cheating the farmers by not providing MSPs, and cheating the unemployed by depriving them of jobs. He remarked that in Kurnool district's Aluru, a farmer couple committed suicide by consuming poison. The YSRCP Chief said that Chandrababu cheated farmers, women, youth and the Self Help Groups. He said that Chandrababu's government thrives on political manipulation and that in the last four years, the State government added a burden of Rs 1.5 crores in the form of loans to the public exchequer.

YS Jagan asserted that Chandrababu had spent lakhs of rupees of public funds for the dental treatment of minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu in Singapore, while the same treatment could have been carried out at the cost of Rs 10,000 in the State. Chandrababu, who had colluded with BJP in denying SCS to AP, promised to implement liquor ban, provide electricity at the rate of Rs 2 for aquatic farmers and build 2 lakh houses for the poor among a long list of poll promises, but he did not even fulfill one of them, YS Jagan added.

The YSRCP Chief pointed out that in Chandrababu's rule, schools and colleges were being closed down in the name of rationalization, whilst corporate schools like Sri Chaitanya and Narayana continue to flourish. Neither salaries nor raw material bills are being paid to mid-day meal workers, while no text books are supplied to government schools, he observed.

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