People’s Welfare Not Chandrababu’s Priority

YSR Congress Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy - Sakshi Post

D Polavaram, East Godavari District: Varshita was mute and deaf by birth. But the doctors in Chennai said she could be treated and that would cost Rs 10 lakhs. While the parents were worried about their daughter’s future, my father former Chief Minister late Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy came to their rescue and got the implantation operation done for free. Varshita is now speaking, going to school like other girl. She came to meet me at the camp today along with her parents and thanked me.

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Similar story is that Venkatalakshmi of Rekhavanipalem. Her husband is a mason and they have a son who has heart ailment. The parents couldn't afford his medical expenses. Thanks to my father, Dr YSR, the boy was treated for free and he is now pursuing a course in college. Hearing these stories I felt happy and proud.

On the contrary, the present government is misleading people and ignoring their problems. Gangadhar of Payakaraopet is a lorry driver. His son has been diagnosed with a heart problem. He approached the government for help under CM Relief Fund. He was given a letter saying that Rs 1.5 lakh was sanctioned. Gangadhar happily carried the letter to the hospital to get his son treated. But the hospital authorities rejected the letter and asked him to pay money. Finally he had to take loans to get his son treated. This is the difference between the times of Dr YSR and Chandrababu.

Tandava river in Maruvada stands testimony to TDP leaders' illegal sand mining operations. Not just the sand but even the lands on the river bank have been grabbed. When people living by the river bank voiced their concerns, the yellow leaders foisted false cases against everyone, including women.

School children from Maruvada complained about liquor havoc in their village and requested me to get the liquor shops closed. A young girl, with tears in her eyes, narrated the woes faced by their family because of her alcoholic father. “Anna, my drunk father beats me and my mother every day. Sometimes, he would be lying on the streets at mid-night. And it is shameful for us to bring him home. If he is not drunk, he is very nice person. But he is now addicted to liquor. The daily wage that is earned is spent on alcohol. Since it is became hard to make ends meet, my brother stopped his studies and turned ino a daily wage labourer. Even I may have to drop out of school very soon.” Her story pained me..

Liquor is available in their village from early morning to mid-night. Moreover, liquor is being sold everywhere-- from pan shops to restaurants. Just imagine the situation in villages where auctions are held even for belt shops! This is not just the case of this region. It is the same all over the state. Despite lives being lost, and families being destroyed, Chandrababu government is more concerned about the income from liquor sales.

Kapu community representatives from Guntur and Konaseema met me today to thank me for announcing that cases against them in Tuni train burning incident would be withdrawn. They also thanked me for allocating Rs 10,000 crore for Kapu community welfare.

I have a question for the chief minister--For whose benefit you have extended the liquor license permit from two years to five years as well as drastically reduced the license fee? What's your reply to auction of belt shops and non-functional helpline for complaints?

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