No Pensions For Widows In Pithapuram Under TDP

AP Leader of Opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy - Sakshi Post

Pithapuram, East Godavari District: While continuing with my padayatra through Viravada, FK Palem, Kumarapuram and Pithapuram today, I was pained to hear the woes of the people. It was saddening to hear the stories of people who are suffering due to bad governance. Nagagani met me to tell the tale of his mother, Arjampudi Venkatalakshmi . Her story is yet another example for government apathy and how the poor are the most affected by the decisions taken by its rulers.

Venkatalakshmi a is widow and her younger is not well in a state to take up any work. She was making a living with the help from the widow pension she got and also worked as a daily wage labourer. Her only aim is to be a support to her son. She somehow managed her livelihood this way until the present government came to power and stopped ther pension amount.

The pension was stopped without any reason. Venkatalakshmi started running from pillar to post meeting all the leaders and government officials in vain. Leave alone helping her, no one even sympathized with her situation. She died pleading for her pension at the collectorate. The collector announced Rs 4 lakhs financial aid for the family, but they haven't received it yet. Is there anything worse that could happen to that family? This is the kind of governance in the state. The TDP not only killed the woman by depriving her pension and but also put her family in a state of misery.

Unable to bear the loss of his mother and worried about his future, the son who was completely dependent on his mom attempted to commit suicide by consuming pesticides. This story pained me a lot. There are many people whose pension has been stopped and there are several others who are eligible for pensions but don't get it in this constituency. At the same time, there are many who are drawing pensions with fake certificates even when their husbands are alive. This is the kind of politics the yellow leaders are practicing. Pithapuram Maharaja was famous for his social reforms and kind heart. He encouraged widow remarriage and believed in women emancipation. But today’s rulers were converting women into fake widows to claim pension.

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In the Evening, I participated in a massive public meeting in Pithapuram. It was at the same venue that Chandrababu, during last election campaign had promised to bring Kapu community under BCs within six months of coming to power. With next elections in six months from now, this promise is being reminded to the people. He clarified his stand on Kapu reservations in the public meeting.

The fact is that Chandrababu would not shy away from betraying people. He can stoop down to any level to stay in power. How can yoyu expect values from person who stabbed his own father-in-law in the back? People were happy about my announcement on allocation of Rs 10 crore for Kapu community welfare. My belief to stand by the promise has further strengthened after their support.

I have a question for the chief minister – you had promised to return the land acquired from farmers for Kakinada SEZ after coming to power, do you remember? You might have forgotten, but the farmers here have not.

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