TDP Rule Wreaking Havoc On Co-operative Sector   

AP Leader of Opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy - Sakshi Post

Ganapathi Nagar, East Godavari District:  Amidst chanting of prayers of all faiths, my Padayatra proceeded through Unduru and Samarlakota of Peddapuram constituency today.  Even in the pre-independence era, Peddapuram was known as a centre of education and enlightenment, richly endowed with natural resources. The deputy chief minister represents this constituency and yet, the multiple problems people here face on a day-to-day basis have to be seen to be believed and reflect the misrule and lack of sincerity of the TDP government, more glaringly than anything else.

Villagers here said that Chandrababu was squarely responsible for destroying the cooperative structure which held rural Andhra Pradesh together. They pointed out that it was the backbone of community life. Handloom weavers and farmers observed that if my father, the late Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy, breathed life into cooperative sector and village life, Chandrababu Naidu wreaked havoc. Handloom weavers who met me near Unduru this morning complained that APCO had not paid Weavers’ Cooperative Society arrears for the past ten months. The society did not buy cloth and material from them.

While Chandrababu Naidu drove them to closure in his previous tenure, my father breathed life into them, they said. However, Chandrababu Naidu was once again in the process of diluting the system. He enjoys the dubious distinction of politicising APCO and riddling it with corruption, they said.

They pointed out that the highest number of suicides by handloom weavers took place during Chandrababu Naidu’s tenure. Farmers who met me, after my Padayatra went past Unduru, had a similar tale to narrate and expressed anguish over the fact that in 2015, Chandrababu ended the 50% loan concession over long-term debts, which was extended by my father. Farmers were now forced to pay interest and simply have no choice. Assets of those who can’t pay are threatened of seizure by the officials. The cooperative system is in a state of turmoil as farmers fail to clear their debts.

While my father stood by cooperative societies and ensured that they could extricate themselves out of debts by giving them concessions, waivers and subsidies, Chandrababu Naidu has pushed them deeper into the abyss of debts by not paying the interest component on long-term debts. He has broken the back of the cooperative structure, farmers lamented.

Youth of Samarlakota vividly described the TDP government misrule. After this government took office, the deputy chief minister had promised to equip the local hospital with 30 beds. He had also assured them that full-fledged staff would be appointed and all the requisite facilities provided. However, for the past four years, the hospital continued with six beds and only two doctors. There was an acute scarcity of staff, they pointed out. Medical facilities in the hospital turned pathetic after 2 pm, they said. The hospital did not have an ambulance and as for emergency services, they were best forgotten.

This is the state of affairs in the government hospital in the deputy chief minister’s constituency. Of what use is his position in the government? In fact, it is the father-son duo which is to be blamed squarely for this situation. Claiming that a BC and and a Kapu would be made deputy chief ministers, Chandrababu Naidu reaped electoral dividends. Later he handpicked them and turned them into dummies. Even the officials are in his grip as also the powers related to these departments.  In other words, while the power vests with Chandrababu Naidu and his son, his deputy chief ministers from BC communities are there to bear any blame or criticism. This is Chandrababu Naidu‘s notion of social justice.

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I have a question for the chief minister — is it not true that after you ensured the bankruptcy of 18 DCCBs, my father infused life into the cooperative sector with 1500 crores, implementing the recommendations of the Vaidyanathan committee? Is it not true that you promised to waive all loans and asked the farmers, women and others not to pay their loans? Is it not true that you promised to bring their pledged documents and women’s mangalsutras, after unconditionally waiving their dues, to their houses?  Is it not true that you have betrayed the farmers of the state in an unprecedented act of deception? Is it not a fact that the debts of farmers have risen sharply and cooperative banks are now in a state of near closure? What answer do you have to farmers who accuse you of watering down the cooperative system completely?

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