Navarathnalu Covers All Sections’ Welfare

YSRCP President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy - Sakshi Post

"The Navaratnalu announced by Leader of Opposition in Andhra Pradesh assembly and YSR Congress Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy are all-embracing and address the welfare needs of all the sections. We are sure YS Jagan will come to power, and will govern as well as, and perhaps even better than his father Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy. We have full confidence in him and this is the reason we will work for his victory," said Brahmin youth in Kakinada. YS Jagan's mass outreach programme Praja Sankalpa Yatra day 216 was successfully completed in Kakinada city.

Impressed and inspired by YS Jagan's efforts to understand the people's problems, Brahmin youth of Kakinada met the people's leader and expressed their desire to join YSRCP. They were particularly impressed by Navarathnalu. The YSRCP Chief gave a traditional welcome to around 50 Brahmin youth. Akella Muralikrishna, VRJ Dileep Kumar, Bhamidipati Murthy, S Vishnu Murty and Vedula Mani were among the youth who joined YSRCP. All of them took oath to make YS Jagan the next Chief Minister of the state.

On the second of his Praja Sankalpa Yatra in Kakinada, there was overwhelming response in Kakinada. A large number of people joined their leader to walk alongside and express their solidarity with YS Jagan. After addressing a massive public meeting in Kakinada on Wednesday, YS Jagan halted for the night at Aditya College centre.

A large number of students who are studying in colleges, turned up at the camp office to have glimpse of their favourite leader. With the camp site being in the midst of academic institutions, there was an influx of teachers who came to meet YS Jagan. As the padayatra started, there were thousands of students who enthusiastically met the Leader of Opposition. All through the route till JNTU centre, thousands of people joined YS Jagan on his padayatra and walked alongside with the people's leader, even as many submitted memorandums during the padayatra.

The fishermen of Kakinada met YS Jagan and submitted a memorandum expressing their woes. They mentioned in the letter that the land earmarked for harbour was grabbed by TDP MLA Konda Babu. They said despite their having approached Supreme Court for minimum wages to fishermen, the state government was unconcerned on implementing it. They also informed YS Jagan about vacancies in electricity department and requested him to help their family members secure that jobs.

Muslim leaders of Kakinada MDA Kharrum, AK Jilani, Karim Khan and Ahmed Khan were among many to met YS Jagan expressing their full support to YSRCP. Later they said, only if YS Jagan comes to power the problems of all sections would be addressed. This was the reason their community was fully supporting the YSRCP, they said.

The Muslim leaders said that free reimbursement and Arogya Sri have been very helpful to the poor Muslims. They believed that YS Jagan would provide all with 'roti, kapada aur makan.' All through the padayatra people complained about not receiving ration cards or pensions or cut in ration supply. After patiently listening to them, YS Jagan assured them of help and continued his padayatra.

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