Chandrababu’s False Promises Continue Unabated: YS Jagan

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Ramachandrapuram, East Godavari district: Leader of Opposition in Andhra Pradesh Legislative assembly and YSR Congress Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy launched a scathing attack on Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu and said that his lies had begun to scale new heights. He was speaking at a massive public gathering as part of his historic outreach programme, Praja Sankalpa Yatra here today.

YS Jagan said he was proud of the fact that his father and late Chief Minister, Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy (YSR) had established a Veterinary & Horticulture collge in this constituency. Dr YSR was instrumental in carrying out Rs 800 crores worth welfare work in this constituency, he pointed out. During Rajanna Rajyam, strengthening of Godavari ayacut, development of Delta canals and cleaning of drains had been carried out extensively, he noted.

After his unfortunate demise, all the irrigation projects had been completely ignored, he said. Two drains in Ramachandrapuram and K Gangavaram are clogged, as a result, around 35,000 acres of farms are being deprived of irrigation water, he observed.

The Minimum Support Price (MSP) for rice crop is supposed to be Rs 1,550, but the farmers are not even getting Rs 1,130, he pointed out.

The Ramachandrapuram Area Hospital is a 100-bed one, but it does not even have a Gynaecologist or a General Physician, he maintained. "Few women from Nelapattipadu Panchayati complained to me on the lack of road in their village. When I asked the reason for the absence of roads, they said the TDP leaders wanted to remove Dr. YSR arch," he said.

Dr. YSR built a summer storage plant in 42 acres for supplying drinking water to the people of Ramachandrapuram through pipeline, but the Chandrababu government shut it down, he said.

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With a lot of pride, I can say that Dr YSR built 11,000 houses for the poor in this constituency, while Chandrababu has occupied 32 acres of land, where he proposed to build flats for local people, he said. The CM is planning to sell the flats at the rate of Rs 2,000 per feet, while the builder rate is only Rs 1,000 per feet, YS Jagan said.

In 2014, Chandrababu promised to build a dumping yard for sanitation purposes in the constituency. But after four years, the promise stands undelivered, he said.

YS Jagan said that the Chandrababu government was corrupt to the core. He observed that one day, the AP CM would talk about London, Singapore and Japan, and the next day he would talk about Baahubali settings. Then he would say that AP would be transformed into a mini Singapore. YS Jagan added that the AP CM was just creating confusion in the minds of the general public.

The YSRCP Chief said that Chandrababu had colluded with BJP in denying SCS to AP.

YS Jagan said that women's self-help groups were also cheated. When he asked the gathering if at least one rupee was waived from the loans taken by the groups, the women replied in the negative loudly. The YSRCP President said that in the name of loan waiver, Chandrababu had cheated the state to the tune of Rs 87,000 crores. It was not clear if the farmers got back the gold which they pledged in the banks, but they had got bank notices for sure, he commented.

The YSRCP Chief told the massive public gathering that Chandrababu had promised to give Rs 2,000 to every household without employment. It had been 48 months since he had come to power yet no household had got that amount. So the government owed Rs Rs 96,000 to every household in the state, he said and called upon all the unemployed youth to question the TDP chief about it.

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The AP CM promised to build a house for every poor man in the state—how many houses has he built till date? he asked.

"I need the support of the people of the state for restoring the region to its past glory," he said. After coming to power, the YSRCP will revive the fee reimbursement scheme and will extend financial support to the women's organizations and self help groups, he promised.

With elections in 6 months, Chandrababu, who had failed to fulfill his election promises on liquor ban, is now resorting to making false promises in the name of Dharma Porata Deeksha, he said.

In the four years of Chandrababu rule, not even a single crop was given MSP, he said. Chandrababu's Heritage company purchases crops for lesser price from farmers and sells its products at 3-4 times the price, YS Jagan said.

With a mission to save the interests of the state, the Navaratnas have been announced, he said. If YSRCP comes to power, the Arogyasri scheme, which saved many lives during Rajanna Rajyam, will be reinstated along with the 108 ambulances which had saved many lives under YSR rule, he pointed out. The 108 vehicles used to reach the patient within 20 minutes of intimation, he said. Rajanna Rajyam had an ambulance per mandal while today, not even a single ambulance is available per constituency, he remarked.

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