Konaseema Villages, A Picture Of Neglect Under Chandrababu   

AP Leader of Opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy - Sakshi Post

P. Gannavaram, East Godavari District: Today, a number of young mothers came and met me. Some wanted me to name their new-born, while others wanted me to initiate their child into the process of learning and education, through the ceremony of Aksharabhyaasam. It was a joyous experience to be with these children. It is believed that God dwells in the hearts and minds of children. Their sublime innocence is truly energising. Can there be greater service than contributing to shaping a bright future for them? Can anything bring more happiness to these mothers?

Kadiyam is renowned for its celebrated nurseries. Colourful plants abound in the thousands here, thanks to the tireless efforts of the local horticulturists. One is reminded of the many-hued canvas of a gifted artist who wields a colourful brush and with deft strokes paints a gorgeous picture. Horticulturists and scientists here breed thousands of interesting varieties, rich in their diversity and known across the country for their innovation and quality. They met me today and explained their difficulties under the TDP rule to me at length. Soil is everything for these farmers in order to grow plants and under the TDP regime, there are several restrictions and regulations on soil, they said. Officials torment them in many ways, they observed. “We have been cheated in the name of eco-tourism centre and floriculture research institute,“ they said.

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Chandrababu Naidu brags about a green field capital city in Amaravati and plants saplings at every other step. But when it comes to lending support to the horticulturists and farmers of the nurseries, his government turns a blind eye. In fact, they are harassed by the TDP government. Potters are denied soil and the same is the case with nurseries, land belonging to the poor is dug up, canals are excavated—this is the scale of institutionalised loot under Chandrababu.

Coconut farmers of this green belt of Kona Seema, dotted with a host of small islands, each known as Lanka, narrated their problems to me. P. Gannavaram here brings to mind the biggest coconut market yard in the region. It was deeply disturbing to see this famous market turned into a picture of neglect, be it the state of the farmers or the helpers who lift loads here.

People from four such island hamlets narrated their pitiable state to me. “If we have to step out for any contact with the outside world, we are forced to use boats to ferry us, or to wade through neckdeep water. When sickness or disease strikes, our condition becomes miserable. Children have to attend school in wet clothes. Even to conduct the last rites of a person, we are compelled to walk through water.” Women narrated their day to day situation in this fashion. “At the time of elections these TDP rulers said that they would build a bridge for us, but now even when elections are imminent there is no sign of one,” they complained with moist eyes.

TDP leaders are indulging in indiscriminate, illegal sand mining and occupy the lands belonging to the poor. They are making hundreds of crores in building roads and bridges in the middle of the river, and yet, have no time or inclination to improve the lot of these hapless inhabitants of Konaseema islanders.

I have a question for the chief minister—you brag all the time saying that you would turn the state into a Singapore or Japan. Can’t you see the misery of people in villages who are denied basic facilities of living? You take up work on projects and places where you are assured of kickbacks with enthusiasm. Is it fair on your part to leave villagers in other places living in a miserable state for ages, to their own fate without taking up minimal measures for the betterment of their lives?

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