Chandrababu Did Not Even Spare Coconut Farmers: YS Jagan

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The AP Leader of Opposition and YSR Congress Party Chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy began his public meeting in P. Gannavaram of East Godavari district amid thunderous rounds of applause and 'Jai Jagan' slogans from people and party workers.

Addressing a huge gathering of people here, the people's leader said: I can only thank each and every person who walked alongside me during the course of my padayatra today. Scores of people matched steps with me pouring out their woes, while according a warm reception with showering love and affection. I fold both my hands and bow down my head in reverence to all those assembled here.

The state of the farmers, students and small-scale vendors in this region has saddened me. I was appalled with the kind of complaints and greivances I received from the farmers here. Coconut farmers in the region said the crop price plummeted soon after Chandrababu came to power in 2014. Ambajipet market, which had more than 600 coconut shops, has less than 400 now. Is it not Chandrababu's resposibilty to safeguard the interests of the farmers and vendors? Former Chief Minister, late Dr. YS Rajasekhara Reddy abolished the 4% tax on coconut, but Chandrababu took no action on the 5% GST that is being levied on coconut crop. The state of rice farmers is no different.

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Chandrababu promised jobs for all the youth, but did he provide jobs? He has promised to fulfil 18 demands back in 2014, but did he fulfil them? The state government has completely ignored the Appanapalli project, just like all the irrigation projects in the state. None of the irrigation projects have seen progress in the last four years. The project work is not even 20% complete, and the Uthama Villain Of AP claims to have completed 55% of Polavaram.

Corruption is at its peak in the state. Chandrababu Naidu is upto dramas and his yellow media is spreading false propaganda on his governance. An unfortunate incident happened on July 27, 2014, when 22 people died and nine injured in Nagaram gas leakage mishap.

Chandrababu claims he would build 20 lakh houses in the next six months. How can he build 20 lakh houses in such a short time, while he couldnt build a single house in the past four years. The AP CM never credits Dr. YS Rajasekhara Reddy, who has built 20,000 houses in P Gannavaram, for his good work for the poor. Let us pledge to reject anyone who comes to power by lying and false promises.

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During four years of romance with the BJP, the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) never focused on the welfare of the state. Chandrababu is now raking up a new drama on the need for Special Category Status to State.

Among many initiatives we will take up after coming to power, nine hours of free electricity for farmers during the day, Rs 12,500 financial assistance to farmers in the month of May every year, zero-interest farm loans, electricity at the rate of Rs. 1.50 per unit for Aqua farmers, establishment of a natural calamity relief fund will be established for safeguarding the interests of farmers in case of distress, cold storages and food processing units in every constituency are a few.

In case of unfortunate death of farmers, Rs 5 lakh would be provided to the farmer's family. A bill for the same will be legislated soon after coming to power.

The state government is not concerned about the losses of farmers, but the profits of Chandrababu's Heritage company. Under Rajanna Rajyam, the interests of the farmers will be paramount, the YSRCP chief said. The system of middlemen will be dismantled, he added.

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