Rajamahendravaram, East Godavari: The mighty Godavari River flowed majestically, as my Padayatra approached it. It was as if Mother Godavari was pouring out her wholehearted blessings. I bowed my head in reverence to the mighty mother and as I offered the traditional “Harathi” at the Gospada Kshetram and Gautami bathing ghat, I prayed that I should serve the people of the state as selflessly as the river does. I performed Pooja at the Sundareswara Swamy and Bala Tripurasundari temple  praying for the all-round welfare of the people of the state.

I stepped into East Godavari moving from West Godavari district. My mind was still full of recollections of thousands of people who came to me complaining about the scarcity of drinking water even as the great Godavari River flowed from those parts. They narrated a host of other problem along every step of the way. The people of the district had to pay a huge price for having sent Telugu Desam MLAs to the state assembly from all constituencies in the district. As a result, Chandrababu Naidu and his men wrought devastation on the district in every possible form, as if out of vengeance. He paid the people’s confidence back by exploiting them in every possible way through his corrupt rule. On every step of my Padayatra in the district, I could  see grit and determination on the faces of the people and burning anger in their eyes towards the TDP regime.

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On the great Godavari Bridge spanning the river, for a distance of four and a half kilometres, people crammed every possible inch of space, holding party flags, as my  Padayatra moved on with tremendous support of the masses, who were filled with those years. It was truly a historic moment as I stepped into East Godavari—a moment and an experience which will remain permanently etched in my memory.
My father the late Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy, my sister Sharmila and I, all three of us have conducted our Padayatras on this historic bridge and all of us were blessed by the rain gods. This in itself was a very pleasant and exquisite experience. When we walked for the people, the people in turn walked for us, in huge numbers. All three of us were truly blessed in this respect.

As the rain gods continued to bless me, and while people along every step of the way cheered me, I set foot in the historic city of Rajamahendravaram.  It is a reputed cradle of culture, known for its tradition, arts, poets, literature reforms and revolutionary spirit. The same time I was reminded of Chandrababu‘s unpardonable publicity stunts particularly at the sacred site of Pushkarams which cost 29 innocent lives.
My father, the late Dr YSR made every effort to fulfill the dreams of this region. He worked with sincerity to accelerate the work on Polavaram project. But today, the Polavaram project which was to be a boon for the people has turned into a boon for Chandrababu alone. The project which got national status has now become a major scam. It's unfortunate to see the AP chief minister's lies and false propoganda on such a project, which could have been a lifeline for the people of the state. The heights of Chandrababu's wicked thoughts is evident when he dedicates an unfinished project to the people of the state. He's a traitor for sure.

My Poser to the chief minister—Isn't it true that you turned deaf ears to my father's repeated suggestions to focus on the water projects that will benefit the people? Have you forgotten the fact that your own party people deserted you over your negligence on Polavaram? You think people are not aware of your conniving ways to mortgage the cause of Special Category Status only to loot the state in the name of Polavaram? Isn't allocating work to sub-contractors for the sake of commissions a sign of corruption? How long will you continue to cheat people?