Praja Sankalpa Yatra​ Diary​, Day 30 ​:​ ​Politics Without Accountability Serves No Purpose

Ever since I entered politics, I have always ​held the view that politicians should ​n​ever make promises that cannot be fulfilled - Sakshi Post

December 9, Anantapur District:

Coming back to Garladinne is a bitter
-sweet memory
for me
. Today is a very important day for me. In 2015, I was to meet the people of Garladinne as part of my Rythu Bharosa Yatra. By the time I reached Marthadu, it was already midnight. Suddenly , I fell sick with high fever accompanied by nausea and threw up several times. As much as I wanted to meet my people in Garladinne, there was no way I could make any progress that night. I could see people lined up all along the roads, many holding torches made by lighting oil-dipped wicks. Later, I was told that thousands of sisters and brothers stayed awake all night to meet me. But I could not meet them because I was indisposed at that time. Whenever I recollect the experience, I would be overcome by pain and guilt. So, today being in Garladinne gave me inexplicable joy . It was as if I was repaying my debt of gratitude.

Seeing the vast sea of humanity that turned out at Garladinne, I felt as if my responsibility towards the people is getting bigger by each passing day. Many sisters met me and recounted their problems. A sister had told me in an emotion-choked voice: "We vested power in Chandrababu Naidu. But once he got power, he left us in the lurch. Jagan Anna, you should come to power. We will pray to all Gods that you come come to power."

Listening to their problems made me realise how low petty politics could stoop to. Is politics duping the people after using them for votes? What are politics for if not for being trustworthy and accountable to the people? These thoughts overwhelmed
me even as I continued to plod on. I vowed to make politics accountable to the people again. I decided the system should change.

In the afternoon, I attended the BC conclave. The representatives from the BC communities told me at length how Chandrababu Naidu betrayed their trust, how he promised everything and lapsed into amnesia once he got power. People were understandably sore over the slew of unfulfilled promises and anguished at Chandrababu Naidu 's attitude of viewing them as mere vote banks . The anger was palpable and the disenchantment obvious.

Chandrababu Naidu had promised to include Boya and Kurava in the ST category, Rajakas in SC category and Kapus in BC category. What more, he said he would accomplish this soon after coming to power. Though he knew that this was an issue that could be addressed only by the Centre, he gave them assurances right, left and centre. After coming to power, he showed no sincerity in resolving the issue. Now that elections are round the corner, he has washed his hands off by merely passing a
token or symbolic resolution and forwarding it to the Centre. This is nothing but duping the people.

Ever since I entered politics, I have always held the view that politicians should
never make promises that cannot be fulfilled and should never backtrack once a promise is made. Hence, I did not give any assurance that is impossible to fulfill. Nor will I do so in the future. One needs to apprise the people of the factual position on reservations and issues of Boya, Kurava and Rajaka brothren. I told them I shall sincerely strive in this direction.

I met Kullayaswamy, a Boya, at Papinenipalyam. During my father's time, houses were sanctioned to him and his brother. He was also provided with a drip-irrigation set worth Rs 1 lakh on 100 per cent subsidy and was given the pension meant for the disabled. YSR's largesse had lighted up their lives. But once Chandrababu Naidu returned to power, it was back to square one.

Kullayiswamy's 11-year-old son suffered a major head injury in 2014 and had remained confined to bed since then. The TDP leaders stopped his pension as he was a YSRCP sympathiser. So vexed is Kullayiswamy that he had stopped applying for the pension of his second son, who has an impairment of hearing and speech . What's the use of applying for a fresh pension, when even the existing one is not being given? Kullayaswamy is not alone. There are many like him who are being deprived
of what is due to them, for political reasons.

Here's my poser to the chief minister. Is it not a fact that you have left the BCs to their fate after doling out a slew of assurances? Is it justified to treat communities like Boyas, Kuravas, Rajakas, Kapus and weavers as mere vote banks to be used and thrown? How long will you continue to dupe the people without being accountable?

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