Praja Sankalpa Yatra Diary, Day 115: Human Chains For SCS across AP, Truly Inspiring 

AP leader of Opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy - Sakshi Post

This morning at Kakunuru, Roshan B., accompanied by a group of daily wage labourers came and met me. She told me that she was the mason who led the team of construction labourers. They were paid Rs.200 each per day and had decided to forego their work for the day to come and meet me. I was deeply touched by this display of affection on their part. Unfortunately, Chandrababu Naidu’s rule did not spare even these poor women. They took him at his word when he promised to waive their loans and when they deposited their meagre savings in the bank, the money was set off against interest by the bank authorities. These poor women were left high and dry! Anyone who places his trust in Chandrababu Naidu meets the same fate.

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A small girl Gayathri, walked along with me on the Padayatra with great enthusiasm for four kilometres raising slogans—“We must bring Jagan Anna to power. She kept telling everyone in a loud voice that if our troubles had to be overcome, we have to elect Jagan.” It was a very touching sight to see this child walking alongside showing such affection.

In Kommuru, men women and children formed human chains to express their solidarity with YSRCP Members of Parliament who were demanding special category status to Andhra Pradesh and had even moved a No Confidence Motion on this issue. I too joined the large number of partymen and common citizens in the village and lent my voice to the slogans being raised demanding SCS to the state. It is truly inspiring to see millions of people across the state responding to YSRCP’s call to form human chains for special category status.

From the moment I stepped into Kommuru, till I crossed the village, everyone I came across, from children to the elderly, complained about the woes of drinking water supply. The problem was an acutely serious one they said. “Anna, both the mandal president and ZP chairman are from our village. We had hoped that they would be of some use to the village and would help us. However, we do not have drinking water and are in a pathetic condition. Earlier, we never a faced drinking water crisis. After Chandrababu came to power, TDP leaders got rid of the water plant we used to have earlier. They dug up lakes under the “Neeru-Chettu” programme, supposedly to protect the environment—but we are left with salt water everywhere and the lakes have thus become useless to us as far as drinking water is concerned. We are forced to go to neighbouring villages to fetch drinking water. This is our plight even though we have two lakes in the village and Nagarjuna Sagar water flows from nearby places. In spite of that, sadly, we do not have access to proper drinking water.” Of what use are public representatives if they cannot serve the poor and ensure minimum facilities like drinking water supply? Power has become a tool for loot and plunder under this TDP rule. That is the most painful part today.

Chandrababu Naidu claims that if he is weakened, the state of Andhra Pradesh would get weakened and that people would be put to a great loss. When I came across this statement of his in the newspapers, I found it very amusing. In a way it is true because Chandrababu rendered his position weak and vulnerable by getting implicated in the notes for votes case and thereby pledging the interests of the state for his own selfish gains. As a result, he caused irreparable damage to the state and its progress. Having been caught red-handed by the Telangana government and the Centre, he could not raise his voice for AP’s share of water from Nagarjuna Sagar. He mortgaged the interests of the state and its just right of special category status for his own selfish objectives. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Chandrababu and his vulnerabilities have been a curse for the state of Andhra Pradesh. Did the people of the state ask him to buy votes spending crores of rupees. Did the common citizens of the state ask him to indulge in malpractices and corruption?

I have a question for the chief minister—in trying to wriggle out of the notes for votes case after having been caught red handed, for your own selfish gains have you not pledged the interests of Andhra Pradesh? In the bargain, have you not made the state of Andhra Pradesh more vulnerable and weakened its position and leverage with the Centre?

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