Power woes: Agitations to be intensified

Power woes: Agitations to be intensified - Sakshi Post

The opposition parties will demonstrate against the power shortages and the rise in electricity charges, at all the District and Mandal offices on April 1st followed by a state bandh on the 9th. If the Government does not respond, they claim that the agitation will be intensified.

There was severe criticism at the stubborn attitude of the Government, which instead of negotiating with the agitating leaders, forcibly evicted them from the premises. Raghavulu of CPI pointed out the lack of direction among the opposition parties which is being taken advantage of by the Government. He said that they had succeeded in bringing the subject of Electricity into their political agenda. He was happy that the opposition parties set aside their differences, and have joined the movement.
Narayana of CPM gave a stirring call, to start the second phase of the agitation.  This time they will not be satisfied with a nominal reduction in electricity charges, but will fight for substantial changes in the whole system.
YSRCP will soon chalk out the party’s plan for agitation. The honorary President of YSRCP, Y.S.Vijayamma, visited Left Party leaders who were in Gandhi Hospital and made inquiries about the health of each and everyone.
Party leaders Shobha Nagireddy and K. Srinivasulu accompanied her. While talking to the media afterwards, she commented upon the hardheartedness of the Government in not responding to the four-day fast. The Government has no commitment to solve the problems faced by the common man, she remarked. She reminded everyone there that Y.S Rajasekhara Reddy used to be in the front line while agitating against electricity charges. The party will very soon chalk out its action plan for the agitation. It will support any party which tries to help the people who are suffering, she reinstated.

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