Power supply to Telangana to be cut?

Power supply to Telangana to be cut? - Sakshi Post

APGENCO, Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corporation is all angry with the Telangana GENCO.

Despite their repeated reminder to pay the pending debts after using of extra Power, T sate has not shown the least interest in doing so as a result T state has accumulated a debt of 1,384 crore.

According to the Sate Bifurcation act 53.89 % of Power generated could be utilized by Telangana and charges for whatever else it uses extra should be paid to APGENCO. Also according to the electricity act power supply to the defaulters who do not pay their debts could be with drawn

Despite repeated pleas from APGENCO to TGENCO and also to Southern load dispatch center there had been no response and now APGENCO is planning on taking the issue to the Home Ministry seeking solution and the Lapses in their payment is leading to insufficient fund to pay APGNCO workers their salaries

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