Polygamy a blessing, not curse

Polygamy is a boon, says AIMPLB - Sakshi Post

The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) on Friday defended the practice of triple talaq and polygamy, professing that polygamy is a social need and a blessing and not a curse for women.

Saying that “polygamy is a blessing, not a curse for women”, the AIMPLB, in its affidavit filed in the Supreme Court on Friday, said that if the option of polygamy was not available to a husband, then he may divorce his existing wife or indulge in illicit affairs.

“An unlawful mistress is more harmful for social fabric than a lawful second wife,” the AIMPLB said in its repose to suo motu petition on the rights of Muslim women concerning marriage, divorce and maintenance and whether the current practices under Muslim Personal Law was violative of the fundamental rights guaranteed under the Constitution.

Defending the Shariah granting right to divorce to the husband, the AIMPLB said that “men have greater power of decision making. They are more likely to control emotions and not to take a hasty decision. Men are expected to behave thus on the following grounds”.
The Supreme Court by its October 16, 2015 order had directed its registry to file a PIL to address the issue of the rights of Muslim women in respect of concerning marriage, divorce and maintenance.

Terming a “common misperception” spread by communal outfits that the incidence of polygamy is higher among Muslims, the AIMPLB, referred to several surveys since 1931, to drive stress that Muslims have the lowest rate of polygamy in India.

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