Poll reverse fears make Balaiah takes to Vastu correction

Poll reverse fears make Balaiah takes to Vastu correction - Sakshi Post

Actor-turned MLA-aspirant Balakrishna is fast realising that fighting a poll battle is anything but a filmi heroic.  Theatrical dialogues and dramatic gestures may draw audience to the movie halls, but cannot convince the voter.

Balakrishna, who expected a cakewalk, is finding that the road to assembly is a deadly mine-field.  TDP's internal squabbles are proving to be a real headache for the actor. He is finding the going tough what with hugely popular YSRCP candidate Navin Nischal giving him a torrid time.
Now, the latest is Balaiah found a wayout to beat the obstacles. He suddenly discovered that the fault lies in Vastu of his temporary residence in Hindupur. A Vaastu Guru suggested few changes to the building and our dear Balaiah got down in the right earnest to amend Vaastu to mend his sagging fortunes.With barely a couple of days left for campaigning, our Legend star is busy with bricks and mortar.


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