Chandrababu Obsessed With Cabinet Meets: Vasireddy Padma

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Hyderabad: Taking objection to the announcement of Chandrababu that he will convene a cabinet meeting only shows that he wants to cling to the chair irrespective of the will of the people and is unable to digest the fact that he has drifted away from power, YSRCP has said.

Speaking to reporters here on Saturday, party spokesperson Vasireddy Padma said, ‘ even his cabinet colleagues are shying away from him and went incognito which shows his unpopularity and his constant complaints on Chief Secretary only shows his insecurity.

Of the five Chief Secretaries during his term, three of them could not adjust with Chandrababu Naidu and his irrational demands, she said.

His obsession with cabinet meetings had come to the fore during his five year term and most of them used for land allotments and to benefit his proxies and benamis.

Model Code of Conduct is very clear stating that a meeting can be held during emergency situations to the extent necessary but not to suit his obsession of publicity. Even the Fani Cyclone had left the state untouched barring northeast tip of the state.

When routine administrative matters need not come up for a review or needs a discussion in a cabinet meeting what could be the agenda of the cabinet meeting is a matter of concern, she questioned.

He has been trying to politicise even the minor social event in which YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has gone to a movie with his family members. Such remarks of Chandrababu are highly deplorable, she said.

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