TRS-BJP Dosti In Telangana?

KCR with Narendra Modi - Sakshi Post

The ruling TRS could go in for a secret pact with the BJP in select constituencies in the upcoming elections. This is the indication one gets after Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrshekar Rao met the state BJP leaders and legislators at his official Pragathi Bhavan residence. The meeting is said to have lasted over an hour.

KCR's meeting with the BJP leaders came right after his interaction with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other Central ministers in seeking their help in conducting early elections to the Telangana Assembly. This is the buzz doing the rounds in political circles, currently.

KCR is also said to have discussed other issues with both the Central and state leadership of BJP, including bifurcation of the High court, as also several other unfulfilled promises and clauses of the AP Reorganisation Act.

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The Telangana chief minister wants the Centre to expedite the process of bifurcation of the High Court apart from fulfilling other commitments made to the state. However, political analysts see a clear message in KCR's meeting with the local BJP leaders. The inference drawn is that there could be 'friendly' fights in a few constituencies between the TRS and the BJP. It also appears that the TDP leadership does not want to rock the boat with the BJP at the Centre.

In view of these developments, the BJP is likely to view TRS as a party which is not politically hostile to its interests in Telangana. This is also in line with the Amit Shah-Modi strategy to strike post-poll alliances after 2019 elections as is being widely suggested. It is very likely that the TRS may contest in a token manner, select seats where the BJP would field stronger candidates. There are at least eight Assembly constituencies under the twin cities, where the BJP is reasonably strong.

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