Harikrishna Drove NTR To Victory And Himself To A Tragic End

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Nandamuri Harikrishna was very fond of driving. This is said to be true of all the brothers in the family. In fact, because of his expertise as a driver, his father, the legendary NTR, zeroed in on him for driving his campaign vehicle, Chaitanya Ratham, through erstwhile Andhra Pradesh.

NTR stormed to victory in 1983, dethroning the Congress after a gruelling campaign in the customised vehicle driven by Harikrishna, who came to be known popularly, as Driver Hari on the campaign trail. Recalling his contribution to NTR's victory former TDP minister and a close associate of the thespian-turned-politician, Mothkupalli Narsimhulu said that Harikrishna, as his father's charioteer ('rathasarathi') was in the frontline of the battle against congress corruption successfully waged by NTR. He recollected that Harikrishna played a key role in the setting up of Telugu Desam.

Ironically, an expert at the wheel known for his skills of driving, met his tragic end behind the steering wheel in the early hours this morning near Anneparthy in Nalgonda district. A skilled driver inadvertently drove himself to his untimely death. What could be more ironic and tragic, observers say.

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