YSR Congress Party chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy reacted to the proceeding in the Lok Sabha yesterday during which a no-confidence motion was moved against the BJP-led NDA government over Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh. Addressing a press meet in Kakinada before resuming his popular mass contact initiative, Praja Sankalpa Yatra, YS Jagan said that none of the parties really felt for the Andhra issue.

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Excerpts from YS Jagan's Press Conference in Kakinanda...

Although I did not get the opportunity to watch the debate live live, it pained me to see the way it unfolded. At the time of birfucation, the ruling party and other parties back then had promised to grant special category status saying the residuary state had been cheated.

The Centre has failed to fulfill the promises made to Andhra Pradesh in the last four years. Prime Minister Narendra Modi failed to remember what was mentioned in the BJP manifesto. Even if he failed to remember, what pained me was the PM saying the Centre decided on special package instead of special category status to AP only after his phone call with Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu duirng which the latter had agreed (settled) for a package instead of SCS that could have brought in a lot of benefits for the state.

I want to ask, who is Chandrababu to take 5 crore AP people for granted? Who gave him the right? Despite knowing the benefits that SCS could bring to the state and its people, what made Chandrababu compromise and mortgage the interests of people?

Rahul failed to touch upon Andhra issue for even half a minute, nor did he talk about the issue. He never promised anything. On one hand it's disappointing to see Modi and on the other, the way Chandrababu behaved.

Chandrababu's TDP MP Jay Galla speech in the parliament was all about what we have been saying for the last four years. We have been reiterating the same facts in Yuva Bheri, during our interactions with Delhi, demands during dharnas, deeksha and on various other occasions. We have been emphasising the same for four years which was frowned upon by the AP government till recently.

In fact, Chandrababu remarked that SCS was of no use, and asked if it was a panacea for the state among other things he said during the Assembly sessions. States with SCS haven't been benefitted, it has no link to development were some of the things Chandrababu said during TDP's Mahanadu event in 2017.

On March 2, 2014 the Union Cabinet said it would accord specal status to AP. Only the Planning Commission had to approve but Chandrababu failed to bother after assuming office in 2014 June.

When Jaitley said in September that special package will be given instead of SCS, Chandrababu welcomed the move. It it fair?

On 27/1/2017, Chandrababu sang praises of BJP and said AP had achieved a lot. "Show me one state that has progressed better than us," he had asked.

On April 6, 2018, during the last budget session, when YSRCP wanted to protest against the injustice meted out to Andhra Pradesh and decided to move a no-trust vote against the BJP-led NDA government, we didn't get support. When our MPs gave up their posts, if the AP MPs too had resigned and sat on a hunger strike, things would be different today. That would have brought pressure on the Centre.

On the one hand, TDP says it is waging a war against BJP. And on the other, Chandrabababu has appointed Sapna, wife of Maharashtra BJP finance minister, as TTD board member. Is this war?

Hindupur MLA is shooting for NTR biopic and we see Venkaiah Naidu on sets. Do you think the masses are fools to believe the chief minister after being witness to all these?

And what did Rajnath say? He said Babu is a good friend of ours and this bond will remain forever. After staying in alliance with BJP for four years, he doesn't bother about state's interests. Then Chandrababu breaks off ties to show he's the only person fighting for SCS. Yet he's not even sincere in his fight!

The Union Cabinet asked the Planning Commission to take forward SCS to state. The letters we wrote to the centre and documents produced were shown to Chandrababu but he couldn't be bothered. All that the TP MP said in the Parliament yesterday have already been put up on our party website. YSRCP has also been running a campaign for the last four years. This bears testimony to our sincere and relentless fight for the cause of the state. But chandrababu Naidu is unfazed.

I have another proposal for Chandrababu to ensure the Centre climbs down.

Let's wage a real war. Ask your 25 MPs to quit and join our MPs on another hunger strike. Let's draw the attention of the entire country who will definitely sit up and take notice.

We (TDP and YSRCP) have to reach a consensus and begin a real war, and this will certainly bring pressure on the government. We have to show the other parties how united political parties in Andhra Pradesh are and also reassure people that we can join hands to fight for their cause.

The no confidence dwelt on all irrelevant issues like China, France Rafale deal. When our state is burning due to lack of jobs, nobody really spoke about the real issue in the Parliament. When no-trust was initiated for a certain reason, why was the real issue ignored?

Sincerity is the key in fight for SCS. Don't trust any party. We trusted Congress they split the states! Railway zone, Kadapa steel factory, crude oil refinery, industrial corridor mentioned in the 13th schedule...none of these have been fulfilled.

In all the points, it only mentions 'may be given, 'may be granted. Why couldn't they replace it with 'shall'? Had that been the case, our state could have got SCS by now.

We have seen how Chandrababu diluted the issue of SCS. We have reached a stage where we can't trust anyone. All the 25 MPs have to stick to one stand. We will support the party which will help us achieve this! In today's scenario and sad state of affairs, people have lost faith in the political system. We have been let down by Chandrababu.

We have planned AP shutdown on Tuesday. I call upon all the parties and groups to support us in making this a success.