God Willing, I Will Serve People As AP CM: YS Jagan 

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YSR Congress Party Chief and AP Leader of Opposition, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy spoke to a Telugu channel recently. In his interview, he said with god's grace and blessings of Andhra people, he would serve people as the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh.

Excerpts from the interview...

Q- Did YSRCP leaders propose alliance with Jana Sena Party?

YSJ: In 2019, it will be a clean sweep for YSR Congress party without doubt. Back in 2014, Pawan Kalyan's supporters voted for TDP. Now that Pawan withdrew his support to Chandrababu, those votes will get split between YSRCP and Jana Sena.

We have a very good vote share in the state. And with the anti-incumbency in place, YSRCP's vote share will certainly increase in 2019. Isn't Pawan Kalyan a part of the BJP-TDP fiasco? How can he brush off his participation by simply apologizing? When one of the three persons says sorry, the second person accuses the third one of cheating, who should be held responsible? Is it right to claim innocence after pulling out of four and a half years of alliance?

Q- Any learnings from the defeat in 2014?

YSJ: Definitely, there might have been mistakes from our side. Shortcomings and mistakes are a part and parcel of life. I might have taken a few wrong decisions. We will try to improve and rectify our mistakes. I do not agree with the argument that we lost only because of fighting alone in the elections.

Q- Even after going on such a big padayatra, Dr. YSR went for pre-poll alliances in 2004?

YSJ: In Congress party, the high command's decisions are final. Even though Dr. YSR did not like to join hands with other parties, he had to go with the party's direction. There is no scope for independence in the Congress. If they order us to give tickets to certain candidates, we have to do it.

Q- On the narrative that YSRCP is being soft to PM Modi?

YSJ: I did not spare anyone on the issues pertaining to the state. You have to go through my statements at Press conferences and Assembly speeches, in which I have harangued the Centre. Besides getting fooled himself, Chandrababu is trying to fool the people of the state.

In the State Assembly, I have lectured at length to Chandrababu, the benefits of the SCS. In return, he has questioned my knowledge on the subject. We have introduced the No Trust Vote against the same Central government, and our MPs resigned in protest against the Centre's failure to accord the SCS.

The Fight for SCS is alive only because of the resignation of our MPs. Had the TDP MPs resigned along with us, it would have been a different scenario altogether.

Q- Dr YSR said he had shed his anger after his padayatra. Did you experience any such change in course of Praja Sankalpa Yatra?

YSJ: By nature, I am not an angry person. So, it is not an issue. Padayatras improve humanitarian values in any person.

Q- How would you rate PM Modi's work?

YSJ: As far as Andhra Pradesh is concerned, I give him zero marks. SCS was promised in BJP's manifesto. But they did not deliver.

Q- Will you support any party that accords SCS to AP?

YSJ: Yes. I will immediately announce support to any party that accords the SCS. We are ready to go any extent for the future of the state.

Q- Do you believe in God/Gods?

YSJ: In all human beings, God is present in the form of his conscience. When a person is about to commit a mistake, his conscience would warn him against doing it. If he pays heed to his conscience, he becomes close to God. Irrespective of the name of the God, one should definitely worship God.

Q- Will you take action against Chandrababu if you come to power?

YSJ: For any irregularity, there should be a legal action. We will do everything to fix the shortcomings. But, investigations will definitely be there.

Q- Chandrababu said that he was a clean and transparent person. Even though Dr YSR filed 23 cases against him, he was not charged. Your opinion on this?

YSJ: It has to be noted that Chandrababu is capable of managing any political system. The people of the state are aware of it. In every case, he managed to get stay orders in his favour and turning them in his favour. It does not mean he is clean and transparent. One day, God will definitely punish him.

Q- What is your take on the argument that YSRCP is a one-man show?

YSJ: Naturally, all regional parties survive on the leader's credibility. In the last eight years of my political career, I have spent a majority of time on the roads, meeting people in the Odarpu Yatra and Praja Sankalpa Yatra. It is only a natural consequence that people see us as Jagan's party. Certainly, I take regular suggestions and inputs from the party leaders. I have implemented most of their ideas.

Q- When do you expect to take oath as "YS Jagan Ane Nenu..."?

YSJ: With the blessings of God and support of the people, I will certainly do it.

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