Vijayawada: A new cold war is on the cards in the temple town, as Telugu Yuvatha leader Devineni Avinash is beginning to launch a brawl among local Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leaders, including Penamaluru MLA Bode Prasad and Vijayawada East MLA Gadde Ram Mohan. With the support of his father, Devineni Nehru's cadre, Avinash's dominance in the two constituencies is not going down very well with the two legislators, it is learnt.

After the Telugu Yuvatha leader began conducting programmes in Penamaluru constituency, important TDP leaders from Kankipadu and Penamaluru took side with Avinash. It is learnt that Bode Prasad has publicly expressed displeasure with the intervention of Devineni Avinash, who was expecting the party ticket from the constituency in upcoming elections.

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On the other side, TDP's internal wars in Vijayawada East constituency are evident with infighting between MLA Ram Mohan and Devineni Avinash's groups working separately over party programmes.

Meanwhile, it is learnt that Avinash is in consultations with MLA Ram Mohan's opponents from 15th and 16th divisions in the constituency. Also, senior leaders and party workers are reportedly unhappy with problems like barricades at Netaji Bridge, incompletion of Mallela Tirupatamma market and storm water drains in the constituency.

Followers of Avinash in Vijayawada East are unhappy for sometime since the MLA and his cadre have chosen to ignore them. Meanwhile, they met IT Minister Nara Lokesh over party affairs and explained about the political situation in the constituency.