What Happened To The Election Promise Of Desalination Plants, Drinking Water Supply?

YSR Congress Party Chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy - Sakshi Post

Chintapalli, East Godavari District: Konaseema presents a picturesque sight—tranquil waters, lush green landscape, a sprawling coastline rich with aquatic life and oil deposits. But my Padayatra revealed the seamier side of the region, not the prosperous picture ingrained in popular memory. People thronged to me to narrate their problems and to describe how daily living had become an arduous challenge for them. The harsh reality that thousands of people from these parts migrate to other towns, cities and the Gulf states, is indeed a painful one. People who meet me point their fingers at the government saying that it is directly responsible for this state of affairs.

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The sorrowful tale of two children, who their parents had to carry, moved me profoundly. Madhu Kiran suffered from thalassaemia while Gopesh was an unfortunate victim of a genetic bone condition. The suffering both children and parents are going through is beyond words. “Sir, treatment for this disease runs into thousands of rupees month after month and we are daily wage labourers. How can we afford such costly treatment? Life has become impossible for us," they grieved with moist eyes. It was a painful and moving experience to listen to the problems they had to undergo on day to day basis.

How can the poor afford such expensive treatment? Their helplessness in the face of such serious diseases makes it even more tragic. After spending every rupee from their meagre earnings for the health of their children, they are left with huge debts to be repaid! As for the health of their unfortunate children, it is hardly improving. Instead of strengthening Arogyasri and widening its scope, by watering it down, Chandrababu Naidu has brought untold misery to the needy.

We have been discharging the duties of full-fledged ANMs, and were promised regularisation at the time of elections by Chandrababu Naidu, a promise which remains unfulfilled. When we asked our superiors about regularisation, we were told that the payment of salaries itself was a big task! These were the words of assistant ANMs who met me today and who were scathing in their criticism of the TDP government which had betrayed these women.

At Chintapalli, I met various groups of people. Women complained about the scarcity of drinking water in the Konaseema region. In spite of the fact that this is the heartland of the Godavari river, people here are forced to buy drinking water. Coconut farmers were distressed because of the deadly diseases which took a toll on their crop, affecting the produce. The government did not hold a helping hand by propping up the support price system to make farming profitable.

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I have a question for the chief minister—you had promised to provide drinking water to the people of the state, in your manifesto. Do you remember the commitment—pure drinking water to every household? Whatever happened to 20 litres of mineral water at rupees 2 scheme? Did you not resort to deception in declaring in your manifesto that you would set up desalination plants to turn saline sea water into drinking water to be supplied to people in villages and cities?

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