TDP Regime Is Corruption Free, Claims Chandrababu

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Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu took part in the Pattala Pampini program as the chief guest. The event was held in Visakhapatnam on Thursday. During his speech, he responded to the comments made by the opposition parties.

He said that Prime Minister Modi had been repeatedly accusing him of corruption. “We have been trying to keep TDP rule free of corruption and yet they are targeting me and my government,” said the AP chief minister.

The crowning irony of his statement is that there is no reference to Janmabhoomi committees and their activities as extra constitutional authorities in villages. It has been widely reported that all approvals at the village level go through Janmabhoomi committees which have been accused of corruption in a wide spectrum of activities beginning with the Neeru-Chettu Programme among several others.Chandrababu Naidu also had no defence for widespread allegations of illegal sand mining in all parts of the state.

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Oddly enough, his speech had no reference to the inflated cost of the Polavaram project whose estimates shot up to as high as Rs 58000 Crores! Similarly, there was no mention of Amaravati or the controversies surrounding what he termed as the model capital on the lines of Singapore.

Chandrababu also remained silent on the terms of the Swiss Challenge method adopted by the AP government as well. Added up, these constitute only the tip of the iceberg among many allegations of corruption that have been levelled at the TDP government over the past four years.

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