TDP Govt Has Utter Disregard For People’s Sentiments: YSRCP

YSRCP spokesperson K Parthasarathy - Sakshi Post

Vijayawada: Former minister and YSR Congress Party spokesperson K Parthasarathy said that TDP government in Andhra Pradesh was playing with the sentiments of the poor. The government was also callous towards backward class communities, he observed. Parthasarathy along with YSRCP leaders Malladi Vishnu and Vellampalli Srinivas visited the Nayee Brahmin community at Durga temple on protest and expressed their solidarity. The Nayee Brahmin community was protesting demanding minimum salaries.

Later speaking to media, the YSRCP spokesperson expressed his astonishment as to why Nayee Brahmins were being ill-treated when all the temples generated enough income to support them well. The community leaders met government officials to express their woes, but there has been no positive response from the government, he said.

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On the occasion, AP Nayee Brahmin Seva Association president Yanadayya demanded for job security to their community members who were working in the temples as well as minimum salary of Rs 17,000 per month. He said the government was not concerned and remained unmoved by their protests. They had been sporting black badges for the last three days, and yet the government remained indifferent, he said. If the government doesn't solve their concerns by evening, the protest will be extended state-wide, he added.

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