YSRCP Comes Out With Charge-sheet Of Chandrababu Rule

YSRCP leaders releasing charge-sheet on Chandrababu rule - Sakshi Post

Vijayawada: YSR Congress Party released a charge-sheet on the four years' rule of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu at the party state office here today. The charge-sheet was released by YSRCP leaders Tammineni Sitaram, Malladi Vishnu, Jogi Ramesh, Vellampalli Srinivas, Sudhakar Babu, Appi Reddy and Bhavkumar.

Later talking to the media, YSRCP official spokesperson Tammineni Sitaram said Chandrababu was a role model for atrocities and corruption. "He is the king of injustice and master of lies." He remarked that in four years of TDP rule, they have conveniently forgotten about loan waiver. Chandrababu had promised to sign the loan waiver file after taking charge as CM as the first thing, but he has not adhered to his word.

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Sitaram asked whether it was not a fact that the TDP leader looted the state in the name of Neeru Chettu programme and asked the TDP government to spell out what it had done for the state in the last four years. All the constitutional bodies have been reduced to mere puppets, he said and added that the government was in ICU. The YSRCP spokesperson wondered about what happened to the lakh crores of investment, as claimed by Chandrababu. He demanded that the AP CM ask the turncoat MLAs to resign and face bypolls.

The YSRCP leaders questioned if TDP leaders could challenge their charge-sheet. Jogi Ramesh said that it was a clear that all the departments have failed under Chandrababu's rule. Similarly Malladi Vishnu said that people of AP regretted electing Chandrababu. He said both Modi and Chandrababu were alike and added that both of them will be taught a proper lesson in the next elections.

Echoing the same concern, Sudhakar Babu said people could not recall at least one welfare scheme that has been introduced by Chandrababu in the last four years. He criticised Nava Nirma Deeksha and said it was yet another drama staged by AP CM.

Development Has been Zero In Four Years

Hyderabad: YSR Congress Party has released a charge-sheet on four years of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu's government in the state here today. It stated that the TDP government has failed in all aspects of welfare and development. Speaking to media at party head quarters here today, YSRCP MLC Ummareddi Venkateswarlu said looking the way Chandrababu government was deceiving the people, YSRCP has come out with this charge-sheet.

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The YSRCP MLC said that during the elections Chandrababu Naidu, Narendra Modi and Venkaiah Naidu promised Special Category Status to AP. In fact they demanded SCS for 15 years. But finally Chandrababu settled for Special Package and started propagating that it was the best option for the state.

Ummareddi expressed his surprise that after four years, Chandrababu has changed his stance. "If at all the AP CM was sincere and stood for development of the state, he should compare our charge-sheet to their manifesto." He said the TDP chief was misleading the people. After having won the elections with the help of BJP and Jana Sena, the two parties have deserted TDP for failing to fulfill the promises made, he added.

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