Hyderabad: It is learnt from reliable sources that 39 Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) leaders were at the receiving end of Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao's evaluation and if their performance continues in similar fashion, they might find it difficult to get party tickets in the next elections. It is also learnt that there are several chairmen, government whips and even two ministers in the CM's list. It is said KCR had warned the 39 TRS leaders directly or through ministers cautioning them on their performance in their respective constituencies.

The TRS leaders performance report with KCR says the number of leaders who are in danger zone seem to be more from north Telangana region because it was believed that in this region the party and its leaders have huge following. The leaders neglected the region thereby their track record is now being questioned. Similarly in south Telangana few leaders' situation is very bad.

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Based on the report, 39 TRS leaders have been warned and asked to improve upon their performance. They might not be allotted party ticket, if they failed to improve their showing, the TRS leadership is believed to have stated in no uncertain terms.

KCR was hopeful of doing better than the last elections and was targeting 100 seats in Telangana in 2019 polls. The CM was hopeful to achieve the target because of the introduction of array of welfare schemes to the people as well as his projects like Mission Kakatiya, Mission Bagheeratha, Rythu Bandhu and Ryhtu Bheema to name few. TRS had believed that these schemes have gone well with the people hence they were sailing on a safe terrain. With the performance records of many leaders proving to be disastrous, it is believed TRS would be happy to get 90 MLA seats.

In order to make up for their bad performance, it is learnt that KCR has asked senior leaders in the party to speak to the concerned MLAs. Interestingly it has been noted in the report that in most of the constituencies where the leaders had performed badly, the people have rated the party high while the MLAs has been criticised. It is learnt a clear signal has been given by the party chief to improve performance or perish.