Kaikaluru: The minute I stepped into Kaikaluru, I remembered the Kolleru Lake, a vision of natural beauty which would often have a flock of migratory falcons from Siberia.. But today, it pained me to see that the place paints a picture of total neglect. Same is the state of those living around.

I met Nayee Brahmins near Kalvapudi Sathram. Sadly, to this day, their profession is looked down upon. It's a matter of shame! "Anna, we are a minority. We don't even have the strength to demand our rights! This government looks down upon us," they said as they poured out their woes. If your father was a symbol of justice, Chandrababu personifies deceit. Instead of catering to our needs, the present government is totally neglecting schemes like fee reimbursement that could help us. Instead he thinks he's doing us a favour by gifting us scissors and iron boxes. This is more insulting," they lamented.

Saying that Chandrababu wanted them to remain backward all their lives, they said: "Your father worked for betterment of our lives with sincerity. The fee reimbursement scheme initiated by him has helped several children from our families. If any of our community members have earned posts like ZP chairman and Municipal chairman, then it's only because of your father. Chandrababu couldn't care less about our posts." It's unfortunate that they don't have a representation in our Assembly. While promising to turn their lives around, I assured them that they will get due recognition for their services and will get representation at the highest level.

Talented individuals lack encouragement. Merely winning awards haven't made our lives easy, said weightlifter Shiromani. Even winning laurels at the national and international level have failed to draw attention, she added. She won a bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games. But scholarship evades her! "Only recommendations work under this government. I face discrimination even in the stadium because of my caste. BCs are looked down upon," she fumed. There's politics even when it comes to encouraging athletes. In an age where rulers want mere publicity, sportspersons getting any kind of encouragement is a mirage.

A Class Five student Venuka came to me with a handwritten note. "Your Amma Vodi scheme is good. There's a rise in crime rates in the state. We hope you will protect girls like us like a brother." Those words moved me.

I have a question for the chief minister—Instead of effectively implementing schemes like fee reimbursement which would help these people, isn't it injustice to merely hand them token gifts in the name of progress? Doesn't your report that BCs are incapable of holding the judge posts reflect your mindset to keep them backward all their lives?