Undavalli, Guntur District: I began my Padayatra today by offering floral tributes to Jyotirao Phule, one of the greatest champions of women’s rights, who worked tirelessly to improve their lot, and for social justice, on the occasion of his birth anniversary. I was deeply pained by the tales of sorrow which farmers near the proposed new capital city, poured out to me. Chandrababu Naidu had claimed that he would build a capital city which would be matchless in the world and deceived farmers by making false promises. Some believed his lies, while others were forced into parting with their land. This government acquired thousands of acres forcibly from farmers in this coercive

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People close to Chandrababu Naidu were tipped off about the exact location of the capital, while farmers here were told that the capital city would be located elsewhere. In this manner, precious land was acquired from these farmers at very cheap rates by Chandrababu’s proxies. Isn’t this inhuman and deception of the worst kind? Today, the ruling party is equally unjust towards both those who had parted with their land and those who have not. Farmers here are at a loss to understand the land grabbing techniques of the ruling party. The atrocities being inflicted by TDP on the farmers here have to be seen to be believed, all for grabbing land for which Amaravati has now turned into a hub.

Farmers belonging to Errabalem and Penumaka met me today. They told me that farmers who had voluntarily given their land for the development of the capital city and those who refused to part with their land, are both victims of TDP misrule. They told me how vindictive the government was being towards farmers who refused to part with their precious farming land for the development of the capital. Their power supply was being cut to ensure that water was not provided to them for irrigation, their agricultural pump sets were being destroyed, their borewells were being filled up to see that they do not yield any water and lush green fields were being turned into wasteland. They were being denied benefits of welfare schemes of the government.

False cases were being foisted on farmers here and they were constantly being threatened. Many of them around the capital region were victims of fear and insecurity. They were uncertain about their future and whether they would ever get justice. They had sacrificed their farming land worth its weight in gold for the development of a capital city and what they saw was leaders of the ruling party and their proxies making crores of rupees out of their precious land! The farmers here vented their fury at the Chandrababu Naidu government and its vengeful ways. Their eyes were blazing with righteous anger.

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The many facets of the tyrannical rule of the TDP regime are being exposed constantly—indiscriminate land-grabbing, land of the poor being excavated for sand and soil, courses of rivers being altered on account of illegal sand mining. What has four years of TDP rule given this state—land mafia, sand mafia and a regime which has become synonymous with corruption and atrocities.

I have a question for the chief minister—not very far from your house, thousands of trucks ferry sand mined illegally. Can’t you see this unlawful activity taking place right under your nose? Can’t you hear the sound of the riverbed by the Krishna being excavated by state-of-the-art equipment? When a sitting chief minister himself patronises illegal sand mining mafias, what does it indicate?