The indefinite hunger strike taken up by YSR Congress party MPs continued on its sixth day at the AP Bhavan in New Delhi. Of the five fasting MPs, two were forcibly rushed to hospital after their health deteriorated while MPs Avinash Reddy and Midhun Reddy continue to be on fast.

As the strike entered its sixth day today, the doctors of Ram Manohar Hospital stated that the condition of the two MPs is getting worse too.

They also revealed that the sugar levels and blood pressure levels of Avinash Reddy and Midhun Reddy had been fluctuating and said that the two MPs are suffering from severe dehydration.

Avinash Reddy: Blood Pressure- 110/70, sugar levels - 74 and pulse rate -76

Midhun Reddy: Blood Pressure - 106/70, sugar levels - 80, pulse rate - 86

As the health of the MPs deteriorated, the YSRCP party chief YS Jagan Party, who is on his padayatra in Guntur spoke to the party MPs via video-conferencing. He lauded their struggle and that people in the state are appreciating their efforts and the party's struggle for AP special status. "The people will remember your fight forever and I am proud of you," he said.

Meanwhile, the doctors at the hunger strike camp have been advising the MPs to be shifted to the hospital as the sugar levels in the blood are decreasing.

On the other hand, residents of Delhi who hail from AP visited AP Bhavan to meet the party leaders and MPs. They also expressed their solidarity with the MPs fasting for special category status.