Datalantis Pulse, a tech-driven innovation company, will deploy a crowd sourced election result predictor would be deployed to assess the outcome of Gujarat assembly elections. According to a press release, the predictor will be launched on December 9 and 14, when the polling would be held in Gujarat. The predictions would be gathered at and would be made public at 6 PM on December 14. The project would be partnered by Hyderabad-based People's Pulse.

Idealantis Technologies Managing Director Sai Panyam said that this is distinct from conventional surveys and polls that are structured to know what a person wants to happen. He said the sample size would be bigger, but technology usage will ensure that there is no corresponding cost escalation. The results would be gathered in real time and in a continuous fashion, he said.

“Peoples Pulse has on-the-field experience which we are marrying with the technology Idealantis is offering so that we can make as accurate a prediction as possible for what is being billed as a high stake state election”, Peoples Pulse senior researcher Battula Suresh Babu said.