Telangana Political Joint Action Committee chairperson Prof. Kodandaram has announced that he would soon take a decision on forming a new political party under the aegis of the T-JAC. He responded to persistent requests from his supporters that he spell out his political plan of action.

Several JAC leaders and supporters have been asking him to convert the T-JAC into a political outfit and prepare for the 2019 elections. Till now, Kodandaram has been evading a direct reply. On Saturday, however, he said he would soon take a decision on the issue. Kodandaram and his T-JAC have been organising district level yatras to explain about the failures of the TRS Government. Some of his rallies have been denied permission citing prohibitory orders. Kondandaram was arrested on two occasions.

KOLUVULA KOTLATA ON NOV 30: Kodandaram has also said that the TRS government was not sincere about solving the problem of rampant unemployment in Telangana. To highlight this issue, the T-JAC will organise Koluvula Kotlata, a mass rally, on November 30. He said the Koluvula Kotlata is being organised with the permission of the court. He has also demanded that the State Government ensure that the locals are given jobs in the Metro Railway.