Hyderabad: A married woman has lodged a complaint against TDP's ex-MP Nama Nageshwara Rao alleging that he threatened her and blackmailed her to post her nude pictures in public domain.

The woman who claimed to be a close friend of the TDP leader told Sakshi TV that she knew Nama through common friends since 2013 and he frequented her house. "Whenever he visited my house, he would say I was his only friend, but I came to know about several of his friends one of whom filed a case against him claiming to be his wife," the woman said and added that the ex-MP had extra-marital relations with several woman. "As I know all his secret relations, he is afraid that I may expose him," she said.

Sujatha Ramakrishnan of Jubilee Hills in her complaint said that Nama had spread negative propaganda about her among her relatives. "When I confronted him over his bad propaganda against me, he denied and abused me in filthy language," she said and added that the ex-MP's brother Seetaiah also came to her house and threatened her several times.

Sujatha complained that Nama Nageshwara Rao and his brother Seetaiah pressurized her to withdraw her case from the police and the court. "Nageshwar Rao said he would make my nude pictures public if I don't do what he said," Sujatha said.

Nama also took the help of TDP senior leader Mothukupally Narsimhulu to pressurize her to withdraw the case, she said.