In a brazen show of intolerance, the ruling TDP has continued its attack on the social media. A day after it arrested social media activist and admin of Facebook page Political Punch, Ravikiran Inturi, the government conducted searches in the social media wing of the YSRCP at the party headquarters at Lotus Pond on Saturday.

AP Police came to the party office and conducted some searches and questioned some staff members. On knowing this, MPs Vijay Sai Reddy and Mithun Reddy, MLAs Srinivasulu, Anil Kumar Yadav and former MLA Kannababu and others rushed to the office and questioned the unwarranted searches.

Vijay Sai Reddy warned that the police should act impartially and not as stooges of a particular political dispensation. He questioned the searches. On being countered, the police served a notice to the party's IT wing. Party IT wing chief Challa Madhusudhan Reddy said the police were accusing the IT wing of keeping Ravikiran Inturi, the admin of Political Punch, on its payroll. Former MLA Kannababu also slammed the police for entering the party office.

The police said they were acting on a complaint filed by AP Assembly secretary Satyanarayana.