TDP MLA Bode Prasad, whose name is repeatedly cropping up in the Call Money racket, has always been in the news for wrong reasons.

He has been very close to the Call Money racketeers and had himself admitted that Venigalla Srikanth, kingpin of the racket, was his good friend. As the racket broke out, the MLA was on a foreign tour along with Srikanth.
His name cropped up in the Call Money racket after a woman lodged a complaint with the Vijayawada commissioner of police saying that the MLA was backing the Call Money racketeers. She said the MLA had settled several cases in the Patamata Call Money office and also at his Poranki guest house.
His name has also cropped up in the sand quarrying issue. The MLA is allegedly using the money from the quarrying to fund the Call Money. He is also accused of collecting over Rs 1 crore from builders under Yanamalakuduru panchayat. Last year, he was also accused of making someone else write his examinations. The MLA wanted to obtain a degree through distance mode and made another person to write his examination. This was detected on the third day of examination and the photos of the impersonator were published in the media too.