A piece of red cloth, some sprinkled vermilion and a cut lemon….

This was enough to make the Congress leaders flow into a rage and accuse HD Devegowda-led Janata Dal (Secular) of performing black magic against them.

The Congress and the JDS have been locked in a protracted legal battle over the building that housed JDS office. However, the courts gave verdict in favour of the Congress and the Janata Dal had promptly vacated the building. But, when the Congress leaders went to claim the building, they were horrified to see a red cloth, lemon and vermilion – all signs of black magic.
Though led by an atheist and anti-superstition chief minister Siddaramaiah, the Congressmen said that the JDS has evil intentions and has consulted witches to harm the Congress. They are now scared to enter the building.
Congressmen say that Devegowda was a strong believer in black magic and that he was known to engage witches to perform black magic in the past.
The Congressmen now want to perform counter-black magic to nullify the effect of Devegowda’s alleged black magic. Preparations are on to perform several tantric rituals in the building.