The wife of Uttar Pradesh minister Azam Khan on Friday turned down the offer by Samjwadi Party to nominate her for the Rajya Sabha polls scheduled next month.

The ruling party of Uttar Pradesh today announced six names including that of Tanzeem Fatima for the polls of Upper House.

According to the spokesperson of the minister, Shanu, Tanzeem Fatima has not accepted the offer of the party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav to send her to Rajya Sabha.

You may please select a more competent person for the Upper House, she said in her communication to the SP chief. Thanks for your offer, but as far as my entering into Rajya Sabha is concerned I and my entire family attach more importance to be treated as your family members, Tanzeem said. Hum shana ba shana aapke sath hamesha se rehe hain aur hamesha rahenge (We have always been with you shoulder to shoulder and we shall do that in future as well), according to the communique.