After cracking whip against TV9 and ABN media channels,  Telangana Chief Minister KCR's latest target appears to be a leading English daily.

The airing of these two channels has been stopped for the last one month by master signal operators in Telangana region after the channels aired content that spoke disparagingly about the state and its people.
On Friday, he launched a tirade against Times Of India for publishing an article that claimed that  KCR had sidelined Finance Minister Etela Rajender while preparing the budget. Etela's role was limited to reading out the script, the paper claimed.
It seems the article has angered KCR and the ministers in his cabinet. Hitting out at the daily for publishing such 'baseless' articles, KCR claimed that Etela is one of the key persons in his cabinet and that everyone sit together and prepare the budget.
He appealed the newspaper to refrain from making such baseless and wild allegations which send wrong signals to the public.