Politics in Independence day speech!

Politics in Independence day speech! - Sakshi Post

Independence Day is no time to talk politics. But for some leaders no occasion is unfit for politics.

Prime Minister's I Day speech was sage advice and statemanship personified. But, for AP chief minister Chandrababu Naidu, everything is politics. His speech was all politics.

“Congress Party, which ruled the country for many years after independence, has neglected Telugu people. It divided Andhra Pradesh in an irresponsible manner. The people of Andhra Pradesh taught the Congress Party a lesson in the recent elections. I participated in the Independence day celebrations as the chief minister for nine years in the undivided Andhra Pradesh. I am feeling sad to participate in the truncated celebrations in Kurnool now,” said Chandrababu in his speech.

Referring to Congress defeat had brought in politics into the speech, say analysts. His reference to truncated celebrations in Kurnool is also being seen as nothing but slighting the historic city. "The speech was more political than inspirational," say analysts.

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