Politicians should stay away from sports in Telangana state

Politicians should stay away from sports in Telangana state - Sakshi Post

Seeking to build a new model of sports administration, Clean Sports India (CSI) on Thursday urged the political leaders of Telangana to not take up any posts in the sport bodies in the proposed new state.

The model of politicians dominating sporting bodies has only damaged the Indian sporting culture. Hence, we want to build a new model where sportspersons will be at the centre of sports administration in the new state of Telangana, CSI National Convener BVP Rao said in Hyderabad.

The letter that CSI, a movement for corruption-free sports in the country, would be sending to the politicians would have signatures of about 300 sportspersons, he said. Citing the instances of maladministration in sports bodies by corrupt politicians, Rao said it would be better if the political class steered clear of the sports.

We are not saying we do not need the help of politicians. We will come to you when you are in government or in opposition with our plans to increase budgets and create new sporting infrastructure to develop vibrant sporting culture in Telangana. We will seek your patronage but leave the management of sports to us. We will invite you to every sports function as guest and give all the respect you deserve, the letter said.

It further said that as the political parties have promised to work for the poor and the unemployed, they have a lot of work to do in the few decades and hence, you will not have any time for sports administration.





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