Political impasse in J-K to benefit BJP in Delhi polls: NC

Political impasse in J-K to benefit BJP in Delhi polls: NC - Sakshi Post

Accusing the two parties of plunging Jammu and Kashmir into political uncertainty, the National Conference on Tuesday charged that PDP had become a willing partner of the BJP in it, so that the saffron party could reap harvest in the upcoming Delhi Assembly polls.

PDP and BJP are holding J&K to ransom by plunging it into political uncertainty, and the impasse has resulted in administrative inertia, NC's Provincial President Devender Singh Rana alleged. They want better of both the worlds; one, in terms of getting glued to power by whatsoever means and another by entering into an alliance which they feel shy of owning up, he said at a high-level meeting of the party at Sher-e-Kashmir Bhavan, convened to discuss the post-Assembly elections scenario. Rana took a dig at PDP for becoming a willing partner, ironically at the cost of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, to allow uncertainty so that BJP reaps harvest in the Delhi polls. The NC leader said that the parties carrying the peoples' mandate during the recent elections were playing mind games in order to derive best in the bargaining process, which inter alia includes the issue of rotational chief minister and sharing of important portfolios. The formation of government was in the meantime being delayed because BJP understands that joining hands with ideologically divergent entities may impact its electoral prospects in Delhi, he further alleged. The people of Jammu and Kashmir are genuinely feeling let down and pushed to the wall as PDP and BJP were serving as complimentary and supplementary to each other, he said. The NC maintained that the two parties brought the state to a political morass because of their polarising tactics during the elections and the burden was now being put on the shoulders of the people. The rhetoric and tall claims made by BJP are falling flat, as nothing is moving towards the direction of development or mitigating the difficulties of border dwellers and flood sufferer, he alleged. He however said that history is replete with instances when National Conference has bounced back with renewed vigour after meeting the challenges, he said, and hoped that the workers at grass-roots level will redouble their efforts to strengthen the party.

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