Political hearsay: It's all about settling personal scores

Political hearsay: It's all about settling personal scores - Sakshi Post

Chiru is mouthpiece of anti-Kiran camp: In politics, taking potshots at each other is part and parcel of the game. It is through criticizms that people earn their brownie points. One person pointing towards the weakness of other, especially of one from the opposition party gets them attention. However, politicians only do it in discretion. More often than not when we say 'Two politicians don't see eye to eye' it's rubbished off as mere media speculation.

Take the case of Union tourism minister K Chiranjeevi for example. Till now, people did know that he disapproved of CM Kiran Reddy's decisions. And the differences between the two was a hotly debated topic in political circles. Now, the former mega star of Tollywood has gone one step further to openly criticize Kiran's way of functioning. In a recent interview to Economic Times newspaper, he made statements that are indicator enough that he doesn't like Kiran one bit. One also must not forget that Chiru has been loyal to Kiran Reddy and been patient all this while to grab the Cabinet berth at the Centre. Having realised his Delhi dreams, he now aims to clinch CM's chair itself!

In an attempt to get the state's highest post, Chiranjeevi has decided to join the anti-Kiran camp. And his interview makes one feel that he wants to be the main spokesperson of the camp.

This is what he had to say about Kiran's incapability.
"The dismissal of Ravindra Reddy was unfortunate, and I have conveyed this to the high command. To dismiss someone whose resignation letter is already lying with you is bad. I feel that the problem is with Chief Minister Kiran Reddy. He should try to co-ordinate more and take everyone along. He somehow never shares details of any welfare schemes to be launched with senior leaders of the party. He should talk to us more often. I don't really know what makes him secretive, after all it is a Congress government in the state."

With this, the anti- Kiran group in Andhra politics is quite apparent and is gaining strong foothold in the state. Chiru has also become an open rival now.

There were reports that Botsa and Chiru are running two anti-Kiran groups and leading the group to Delhi too. If this group becomes vehement, then the CM will have to face a lot of open criticizm.

Kiran-Naidu play hide and seek: Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy refused an audience to TDP leaders who staged a dharna at his camp office protesting against the irregularities in APPSC. Several TDP MLAs sought CM's appointment to discuss the APPSC issue and endlessly waited. But all their efforts went in vain with the CM refusing to give in to their request.

In retaliation, TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu did not allow the Congress leaders to enter his office and told his gunmen not to give any permission. The Speaker had a meeting with all the opposition parties requesting them to let the Assembly session go on peacefully. But since the arch rival, Chandrababu Naidu had not attended the meeting, the speaker sent two senior Congress leaders, including one minister to request him to attend the meeting.

While it's fine to oppose someone politically. But politicians must not misuse their power to settle personal scores.

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