Police station ‘locked up’ for non-payment of tax  

The civic authorities sealed Pauni police station after they failed to pay municipal tax of Rs 1.19 lakh - Sakshi Post

Mumbai: People who went to the Pauni police station in Maharashtra faced a piquant situation as it was 'sealed' yesterday by the local municipal council for non-payment of taxes.

"The civic authorities had sealed the police station after we failed to pay municipal tax of Rs 1.19 lakh," a police official from the police station in Bhandara district told PTI.

"As per our records, the tax was not paid since 2013," the official said.

"The 'seal' was broken two hours later after we sought the district collector's intervention," he said.

In the meantime, people who had come to the police station to lodge their complaints had to wait and they did so, the police official said.

The Pauni municipal officials had also sealed the local offices of the state electricity distribution company and irrigation department office for non-payment of civic taxes, he said.


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