Police presence at weekly market creates panic

Police presence at weekly market creates panic - Sakshi Post

It was just another routine day for Lakshmaiah, a vegetable vendor at the Marredpally weekly market on Tuesday. Only that he was hoping for some good income as scores of people would come to him to buy vegetables at an economical price. All his hopes were dashed when the policemen decided to play spoilsport.

Regular customers too, who had come to buy veggies like every week were disappointed this time around. Even as customers busied themselves with buying. Just as people went about their business, one could hear the wailing sound of the traffic patrol. Customers were caught unawares as this was a very unfamiliar sight on the road.
While the police were seen towing away vehicles, customers had to end their business mid-way and run to save their vehicles.
Interestingly, there's not a single 'No parking' sign around the area. When this was pointed to the traffic cop, he cleverly responded saying, there was neither a 'Parking' sign in sight!
One customer, who was clearly hassled grumbled under her breath about the atrocities of the police against the poor vendors who had just begun to set up their bandis.
Sreenu, a vendor said, "This was most unexpected. Traffic police on this road is unheard of. We are already at losses because of the emerging supermarket culture. And now, this!"
Many women vendors were seen pleading the policemen to let them carry on with their business. Some even promised to do business elsewhere from the following week. Within minutes, the atmosphere at the bustling marketplace had turned from lively to tense. Clearly the mood of both the customers and the vendor had changed.
A housewife who had come to buy her weekly stock of fresh veggies complained, "I look forward to buying vegetables here every week. They are fresh, cheap and most importantly in the vicinity. The police is simply creating nuisance here."
Clearly shaken by  their (police) presence, anxious vendors made desperate efforts to wind up business soon by selling veggies at throwaway prices.
Another customer, who had come from nearby Picket area, said: "It's not as if my parked vehicle was obstructing the traffic flow on the road in any way. Police just wants to fleece money and make some quick bucks."
A student who was witness to the happenings said that the police straightaway got to the task without even giving time for the public to think. He said, "When a person was trying to flee with his bike on seeing the police, a cop asked him to wait till his boss came. A senior cop who approached him straightaway asked, Nee peru cheppamma (tell me your name) and began scribbling on the challan."
It was a nightmarish experience for most vendors, who hope that police go and catch the big fish instead of harassing the poor souls here. We hope too that some good sense prevails upon them to let the business go on as usual.

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