Police forces lovers to do sit ups in Golconda Fort

Police forces lovers to do sit ups in Golconda Fort - Sakshi Post

The police of the country have often been criticised for showing enthusiasm when dealing with meaningless activities, but not showing the same alacrity towards more important events.

An incident in the heart of the city clearly exemplifies that point. Inspector Syed Nazimmudin of Golconda Police Station, on Monday forced couples sitting in Golconda Fort to hold their ears and do sit ups.
The couples, some of them, college students were visiting Golconda Fort when the incident occurred. The police paid a surprise visit to the fort and rounded up the couples present there. They first separated the boys from the girls and asked the latter to hold their ears and do sit ups. The boys on the other hand were humiliated even more when they were asked to hold each others ears and perform sit ups. The entire act was covered by the media that followed the police.
According to reports, the boys were even slapped. This act by the law enforcers has drawn sharp criticism from many quarters, with even the State human Rights Commission throwing their weight around the couples. 
But police justified their act by saying that they were just looking out for the girls. They added that some of the couple especially girls, had bunked college and hadn't informed the parents about their whereabouts. Concern for their safety had forced the police take such a step.
Hyderabad Commissioner  Anurag Sharma has assured that he will look into the matter and has also ordered the Golconda Inspector to give him a detailed report on the same.


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