Police find new clues in Esther Anuhya's murder case

Police find new clues in Esther Anuhya's murder case - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad, In the latest twist in techie Esther Anuhya's murder case, Mumbai police have found some important clues.

According to a CCTV footage in the hands of the police, Anuhya was seen being accompanied by someone, after she got down at Lokmanya Tilak station.  Police are trying to identify the man and are also suspecting that he and Anuhya were known to each other. 

Anuhya, who was working in TCS, disappeared on Jan 5 and was found dead after 11 days. Police investigations found that she was raped and tortured for five days. Kunjurmarg police arrested five accused in the case. Of them three were cab drivers and two were pimps.They were released after the enquiry.

Police are still grappling with many loose ends, and are depending on forensic reports to throw light on the case.  Many unanswered questions like, when did the murder take place? How was it done? can only be answered through forensics.

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