Police counseling for TDP MLA

Police counseling for TDP MLA - Sakshi Post

No matter how much one has, nobody wants to let go off a few extra bucks especially if it comes in form of a dowry. Most boys' parents think that it's their right to demand dowry from the girl's parents. What a shame! Lower class, middle class or upper class - no matter which strata of the society the family belongs to, the greed for money never fails to lure them.

Kaikaluru MLA Jayamangala Venkata Ramana is no exception to this. The news of the TDP MLA harassing his wife Sunitha for dowry came to light after she complained to the police.

Sunitha lodged a complaint with the police on Monday evening alleging that her husband was forcing her to sign on the divorce papers and also bring additional dowry.
However, it's not clear as to how much money Sunitha has already given. The amount being demanded by the MLA too is not known yet.

Reacting to the complaint, the police is planning to counsel the MLA.The MLA has three kids.

- Siva@Sakshipost

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