Police complaint registered against Baburao

Police complaint registered against Baburao - Sakshi Post

Guntur: Finally, Nagarjuna University has lodged a complaint with police against Architecture College principal Baburao under the Anti Ragging Act.

The YSCRP fact-finding committee comprising of MLA Roja, Senior Leader Pratha Saradi, Goutham Reddy and several others, had uncovered several facts that surrounding the death of Rishiteswari, The teenager committed suicide a month ago unable to bear ragging and harassment by seniors.

The pressure from the committee had led to the complaint registered against the principal; However Samba Shivarao (VC) and Raja Shekar (University Registrar) had been tight-lipped till now about the issue and the police complaint.
MLA Roja demanded that Baburao needs to be arrested immediately and expressed her concern for the students well-being.
Guntur district has experienced suicide by two girl student due to harassment in less than a month’s timeframe; the recent death of Sunitha, an engineering student has sparked a fierce debate about the safety and well-being of the students in Guntur district.

This is the 4 week since Rishiteswari committed suicide after suffering ragging and harassment.

The fact-finding committee set-up by the government is trying to bury the facts with false information; the committee members claim that suicide occurred due to some room based issue with the seniors and hid principal’s unbecoming behavior with his students and faculty in the past.



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