Police case on TJAC leader by Student JAC creates ripples

Police case on TJAC leader by Student JAC creates ripples - Sakshi Post

Internal bickering in Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC) reached to its imperious peak, with the Student JAC(SJAC) lodging a police complaint against a TJAC leader at the OU police station on Monday. Embarrassed by the affair, which, according to the TJAC leaders, was so ‘untimely’ when their ‘rivalry’ Seemandhra movement is so intense, the bigheads are bustling to pacify both groups.

Differences between SJAC and its mother organization TJAC are flaring up for quite some time now. SJAC leaders have been brooding that the student groups were smartly used as pressure groups by TJAC for its vested interests. It is known that Telangana movement gained momentum with the efforts of the both student and employee JACs and the audience to the T- meetings are mostly from these two JACs. According to sources in OU, Student JAC has an axe to grind on TJAC for not giving due importance to them.

These incidents took ugly turn during the recent ‘Sakala Jana Bheri’ public meeting organised by the TJAC, when the leaders of the both the JACs reportedly resorted attacking each other. A TJAC leader, Srinivas Goud, who made the arrangements for Sakala Jana Bheri, allegedly sidelined SJAC leaders. SJAC leaders were even not allowed to address the gathering. It was the last straw. SJAC leaders met TJAC chairman Kodandram and complained against Goud.

What was further vitiating the atmosphere was Goud visiting OU campus during night to threaten the SJAC leaders for complaining against him. Enraged SJAC leaders filed a complaint against Goud in OU police station. They even burnt the effigies of Kodandaram in various places.

  SJAC leaders, this time, are seemingly unrelenting to the usual efforts of truce by political parties and firmly demanding immediate suspension of Srinivasa Goud. will TJAC suspend Srinivasa Goud, or pacify SJAC? Watch this space for more updates.


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